Experience & skills

20 years of web design

My web design philosophy

I think a lot of current web design has lost clarity, and is undertaken to show off technical prowess at the expense of usable experiences. It shouldn’t be like this.

My overall approach could be summed up in these thoughts:

  • Design for simplicity, robustness and universal accessibility
  • Put user needs before developer needs
  • Build with progressive enhancement
  • Solve only your current problems
  • Don’t use technology for its own sake

I am most happy when working on user-focused projects that put users first and the technology second. If you share the same views and have a project that I can help you with, you can hire me here.

Skills and Experience

Since 1997 I’ve occupied many roles in web design, including designer, front-end developer, CMS wrangler, team leader and project manager. However user-interface design and front-end development remain my core skills and that which I most enjoy.

I’m extremely experienced as a web-designer and front-end developer. In every project I focus on strong utility, universal accessibility and clarity of design. Whether the project is corporate clean, or highly artistic and textured, I apply my high standards of craftsmanship equally.

If you’re interested, I wrote a meandering tale of my entire digital career.

Design Skills

  • Highly experienced collaborating with UX designers, in both waterfall and agile environments
  • User Interface (UI) design: features and functionality, interaction design, look and feel
  • Long experience in design software, including over 20 years in PhotoShop, and more recently Sketch and Affinity Designer
  • Designing in the browser directly in HTML/CSS (this site was designed and built that way)

Technical Skills

  • 20 years experience writing HTML and CSS to high standards of utility and accessibility
  • Excellent knowledge of BEM, OOCSS and other front-end coding methodologies
  • Excellent knowledge of Sass
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery
  • Familiar with Gulp and Grunt and build processes in general (although I prefer visual tools where possible such as Codekit or Prepros)
  • Good knowledge of Git version control, including feature branches, history rewrites, and the telling a story approach to writing commits
  • Highly experienced in WordPress : converting HTML to fully functional themes and building an efficient client-facing user interface
  • Experienced in Craft CMS and still learning: this very site is built with it

Don't hire me if...

  • You need a hardcore JavaScript, PHP or Ruby developer. However, I can and do work within these languages for the purposes of integrating front-end templates.
  • Your project uses a third-party front-end framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation. My strength is in building a robust and focused front-end for your project’s specific requirements.
  • Your project is built on a JavaScript framework such as Angular or React. I won’t be a good fit for you if you’re looking for a JavaScript front-end developer.