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My web design philosophy

I try to follow these principles in every project:

  • Design for simplicity, robustness and universal accessibility
  • Put user needs before developer needs
  • Build with progressive enhancement
  • Solve only your current problems
  • Use the most appropriate technology for the requirements
  • Don’t use technology for its own sake

I believe that all websites and apps should respect a user’s time, focus and intentions. Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary web design has lost clarity, and is undertaken to show off technical prowess at the expense of usable experiences. It shouldn’t be like this.

That’s why I don’t follow flashy trends. I design and build websites that are easy to understand, simple to use, and that will help you get great results.

Who I work with

I do my best work with clients who recognise the importance of user-centred design, and who operate on sensible timescales with realistic budgets.

In 2018 I’m making an intentional effort to build things that align with my values. So I’m prioritising projects with clients and charities in the arts, humanities, science, education and environmental conservation sectors.