Who is Matt Hill?

A little about me

I grew up in Brighton, south England, and now live in Kent with my partner. I’m on the wrong side of forty, but apparently life begins there so I’m looking forward to what comes next.

I’ve always been a creative person, and take great pleasure in designing and building things. From Lego in my childhood, miniature painting in my teens, game level design in my twenties, and web-design for most of my career, I’ve always tried to keep my creativity alive. There is nothing quite like seeing your own work come to life before your eyes. It’s intoxicating and immense fun.

I’m a big film fan, I love books, nature, history and art and have a keen interest in ancient civilisations. Any story that involves ancient and fantastical mysteries is right up my street, and in my spare time (what’s that!?) I’m sketching out my own fantasy stories set in a distant world…

Digital design

I describe myself as a digital designer. Since 1993 I’ve collaborated on hundreds of digital projects, from CD-ROMs, kiosks, websites and apps.

I fell into digital before it was even really a ‘thing’. I was lucky to find a career that was creative, experimental and challenging. I’m entirely self taught, both at work and in my spare time, and I wrote a meandering tale of my career history so I don’t forget it all!

But while I’ve become very good at my day job, I’ve always felt something was missing from my creative life…

Book cover design

After 20 years working on the web, I’m looking for some new creative challenges in my career. I’ve always been a good visual designer, having spent years honing my skills in my spare time. With web-design maturing and becoming, frankly, visually dull, I wanted to find a new outlet for my particular brand of visual design work.

Being a reader and lover of books, and a great fan of the art of book cover design, I realised that I had all the skills to design book covers. In 2017 I’m setting up a new sideline business to design book covers for self-published authors. Fingers crossed that I can make a success of it and that it will carry me forwards into a new and satisfying creative career.

About this website

This is the tenth version of my personal website, and was launched in February 2017. Previous websites had a different focus: either they were solely a portfolio to show prospective clients, or they were just a place for me to write. I rarely combined the two, and for years I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to use my own site for…

Now I’ve finally embraced my multi-faceted creative self, and the new site is a reflection of that. It serves several purposes, as a portfolio of my web-design work, as a showcase and sales tool for my book-cover design service, and as a place for me to write. Twenty years after I built my very first personal site, I finally have a site that does exactly what I need it to do!

Matt Hill, 20th Feb 2017